The Software Guru: On Refuting Peter, Premature Startup Culture, and Change for the Next Generation (Part 2 of the Joey Gurango Series )

In one of his blogposts, Peter, refers to the concept of the Argonaut from the book, Start-up Nation. What are your personal opinions on the contribution of the Argonaut to a Philippine Startup Nation?  Joey: I think the Philippine Startup scene is about 10 years away from being labeled as mature. A lot of my colleagues, maybe including Peter, might say that we’re on the cusp, about four years away from being a mature startup scene, I don’t think so. I actually don’t agree with some of the assumptions  [Peter] is making on the Philippines as a Startup Nation and the impact that you can make on it. For me, it’s almost like saying that the Philippines is a mature democracy, but how far … [Read more...]

Startups Unplugged – A Video Montage

The moment was captured. So real, honest, and simple. It illustrates the warmth and vibrancy of a growing community that supports and is open to collaboration. To all the leaders and feeders in the startup community, may this video fuel your spirits :) … [Read more...]

The Software Guru tells the Real Story: On Startups, Bankruptcy, and Attitude (Part 1 of the Joey Gurango Series)

I remember texting Peter right after my interview with Joey Gurango, which was just days before Startups Unplugged. In my text, I asked Peter about what he thought about posting an uncut version of Joey's interview on JGL. The reason for my suggestion was that after my interview with Joey, I was completely taken aback by the incredible knowledge that he was sharing with me; even though I wasn't a techie, Joey's stories resonated with me and schooled the heck out of me. Everything Joey shared with me just seemed so important, so I wanted to post everything that he said. While I must admit, I've omitted some parts of the conversation to be practical, this is still a very raw version of what … [Read more...]

The Starstruck Guide to Startups Unplugged

I'm starstruck. Looking at our line-up for Saturday, I am humbled, excited, giddy, honored, and super-thankful all at the same time. I cannot over-emphasize the fact: Saturday will be a TREMENDOUS LEARNING EXPERIENCE. You just have to take advantage of this rare opportunity to gain access to some of the most innovative and compelling startup founders in the country today. There will be a brief keynote, and then the main "group speed dating" activity will transpire. The rules are simple: Each entrepreneur will have his own "nook" with 12-15 chairs each. These chairs shall not be moved.  A first bell will ring to signal the start of the proceedings. You can now go and sit … [Read more...]

Why you should build an ARMY of mentors

No startup is an island. Since independence is a pretty common entrepreneurial trait, going at it alone becomes a mistake that's easy to fall into for a lot of startup founders. This is a mistake. Listen carefully. Developing an honest-to-goodness startup is a difficult chore. Most startups still fail within 5 years of being founded. You need all the help you can get. When you get started, one of things you should always remember is to develop your support structure. You need mentors. Notice I used the plural form there. It's easy to think that you have to go looking out for one mentor. Do more. Get an army of great ones. This ALWAYS pays off. Expect not only to receive wisdom … [Read more...]