The Compass, The Anchor, and The Propeller

When we moved into our new office, we were in a momentary quandary about what to do with a good-sized room that was right smack in the middle of the layout. We could turn it into another meeting room - you could never have enough of those. Or perhaps a designated interview room? Incubate a startup idea (or two)? (such a temptation!) Then, it hit Pao and I at the same time - we just HAVE to turn it into a prayer room. It's obviously not the bottom line-friendly alternative, but knowing our history, it just made too much sense to put a prayer room in the middle of the office. This was our little way of honoring the God who has been so faithful to us and our journey. Prayer … [Read more...]

Forget Your Career And Pursue Your Vocation

My So-called Career Development For the most part of my adult life, I thought I knew what I had wanted to do. I wanted to pursue a career in HR. I wanted to make money. I wanted to make my resume as impressive as I could possible make it. And so I tried my very best to achieve these. I knew they would make me happy. At particular points, I would find myself dissatisfied with certain facets. So, I just decided on changing some things along the way. Not enough money? Join a better-paying firm. Resume not impressive enough? Get an advanced degree. Still not happy? Party and go out with friends. In my fourth company, Chikka, I became extremely confused. I was doing … [Read more...]

The Dangers of a Fragmented Life, Part 2

(This is the second of a two-part post, the first of which could be found here.) In 2004, I decided to try to live on my own. There is nothing wrong with living on your own - my mistake was that I allowed the situation to further isolate myself from my family and friends. This accentuated the fragmentation my life was already experiencing. The circles in my life were separated even more profoundly. Who I was in my condo, at home with my parents, with different sets of friends, at work, in graduate school - all were different people. Leading this sort of life meant having virtually no rules for myself. I was willing to try anything or be anyone to fulfill the expectations of … [Read more...]

Is following God a strategic career move?

I had always believed and said to people that God was at the center of my life. Only, I realize now that for most of my adult life, that was mostly just lip-service. Yes, I would go to Mass every Sunday, quickly pray before sleeping (especially when I needed something), and always tried to do the right thing. Me and God were "good," I thought. In the meantime, the decisions I made in my life never involved Him. I would go from job to job never thinking about what God would want from me. I formed relationships in my life with nary a thought on faith. I had always been fiercely independent, leaving my parents' house to forge my own path as soon as I could've. This would partly explain … [Read more...]