Flipping the Script: My Inspiring Interview with Peter
Peter Cauton, Founder of Juan Great Leap, sharing a father-son moment with his son, Wakeen

Flipping the Script: My Inspiring Interview with Peter

This past Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013, I sat down with Peter to experience Startup Saturdays first-hand. Initially, my initial vision for the interview was to ask as many thought-provoking questions as I could to get the insider's scoop on the person behind Juan Great Leap. I sought to reveal a different side of Peter that showcased him…


A Merry Christmas Never Comes too Late

Christmas can be a very busy time of the year, especially here in the Philippines. In the Philippines, Christmas is not just a one day celebration, but rather a series of celebrations that starts weeks and sometimes months in advance. Here, Christmas is a marathon of celebrations. I attended my first Christmas party at the end of November and…


Don’t let Christmas be a Corporate Cliché

I spent a twelve years in corporate, from one company to another. Across these dozen years, I have bounced around in different firms. Christmas is celebrated more or less the same way: A big “Christmas” party is planned The party starts with a token prayer (typically by the HR guy) The CEO starts a speech, usually beginning…


How to Avoid The Marshmallow Career

In a landmark study done in 1972 by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel, hundreds of children were offered a marshmallow. However, each child was told that if they could resist eating the marshmallow for 15 minutes, they would receive a second marshmallow. Decades after, it was found that the children who delayed gratification (around a third of the…


The Dangers of a Fragmented Life, Part 2

(This is the second of a two-part post, the first of which could be found here.) In 2004, I decided to try to live on my own. There is nothing wrong with living on your own - my mistake was that I allowed the situation to further isolate myself from my family and friends. This accentuated the…


The Dangers of a Fragmented Life, Part 1

In grade school, I used to be deathly afraid when my parents would pick me up from school. For some reason I couldn’t understand, I was ashamed of them. I didn’t want my friends to see me with them. One funny result of this was when people would call me at home (yup, we used the landline…

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Desperation For Daily Prayer

It is a bit odd that I write this now, when my prayer time has been a bit inconsistent. Perhaps the silver lining is that at this moment, I can better explain how much life just is much better when I pray consistently. At my best, I pray in the morning. (praying early in the morning is…


Is following God a strategic career move?

I had always believed and said to people that God was at the center of my life. Only, I realize now that for most of my adult life, that was mostly just lip-service. Yes, I would go to Mass every Sunday, quickly pray before sleeping (especially when I needed something), and always tried to do the right…

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