Dare To Pitch Postscript

Last Saturday, Juan Great Leap and Hybridigm held Dare To Pitch at the STORM headquarters in Ortigas Center. It was a pitching forum where we invited startups to pitch to VC's. No winners, no prizes. We just wanted deserving entrepreneurs to have a venue where they could pitch to institutional investors. At best, they could get funded,…

Employing The Mach 3 Strategy
smooth sheen like could only be accomplished by a Mach 3!

Employing The Mach 3 Strategy

I was shaving my head this morning in the shower with my trusty Mach 3. I thought the blades needed changing. I made a mental note to myself to buy a fresh pack of blades - the woefully overpriced ones at the grocery counter. I had been buying these blades for FIFTEEN years already - I had…


Startup Funding: The FIRST option should always be doing it on your own

I've been blessed to have talked to a growing number of young entrepreneurs over the past few months. One common concern for the would-be-startup-owner is funding. How do you get the funding to start? The two general answers are bootstrapping and raising investment money. There are other interesting fund-raising strategies arising, like crowdsourcing, but that's a topic…


Curiosity Skins The Cat

3 months ago I was talking to whole lot of doctors. I was talking to our pediatrician for the needs of my older kids, our gynecologist for my wife's pregnancy, my surgeon for my impending operation, more doctors to get the clearances needed for me to push through with the operation, and even visited a few confined…


To ensure success, go DEEPER not wider

Okay, so you are a startup owner. Chances are great that you have limited resources. Understanding that you cannot be everything to everyone, you identify a niche and concentrate on that. I am now getting more and more convinced that the niches we think are specific enough are STILL oftentimes too broad. We have to go deeper.…


Generate Startup Ideas Using Tourist’s Eyes

When we are travelling for the first time in a foreign location, time seems to slow down, and we get to absorb all the juicy details. There is no little thing which escapes us: how the air is different what clothes people are wearing how the food tastes how people greet one another how clean (or dirty)…

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