Run Far, Far, Away From These Soul Suckers!
Don't let these guys subtly suck your dreams away

Run Far, Far, Away From These Soul Suckers!

Two quick stories. Last week, a friend of mine was about to take the leap. She had a consulting concept in mind and had a client ready. Being someone with integrity, she decided to ask her boss if there was anything at all that would be construed as unethical if she put up the practice she had…


Seduction By Salary

In my first job, I was a high school english teacher. I loved what I did, but I earned minimum wage. That was my first year out of college, so naturally, I went out a lot with my friends - who were all mostly working in corporations. Every month-end, I had around P20 in my account. A…


10,000-Hours to Entrepreneurial Greatness

In his delightful book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell states that for someone to be "great" at something, he should have spent at least 10,000 hours honing and perfecting this skill. The famous 10,000-Hour Rule He cites The Beatles and Bill Gates as examples. The Beatles performed live in Hamburg, Germany over 1,200 times from 1960 to 1964, amassing more than…

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My Post-surgery Paradigm

Last Friday morning, I was wheeled into an operating room. They strapped my arms in crucifix position. (yep, apparently they strap your arms). Then the doctors came in and introduced themselves to me. They were about to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy. I was having my gall bladder removed due to stones and a polyp. One doctor explained that she…


Would you rather report to a multinational, or MAKE one?

"Always try to schedule a foreigner to do our recruitment talk. Mas may dating." I was given this instruction in my first year working in corporate. Of course, seeing how all the highest positions were occupied by foreigners - not only in our company, but in every other multinational - this was easy to accept as reality.…


There’s no reason why YOU can’t build the next Twitmusic!

Great news here for our burgeoning startup community! Our country is widely regarded as a producer of some of the best professionals in the world. Certainly some of the most enterprising and innovative. Developing impactful startups should be second nature to us. Twitmusic should be the tip of the iceberg - but it's up to us. C'mon…


The Time Value of ACTION

The Time Value of Money: Definition: money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount in the future. So, simply put, we'd rather have money now than the same value in the future. The same thing holds true for action.  Let me posit an integrated theory then: The Time Value of Action:  Definition: action…

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