Get up and DESTROY those blinders!

My whole entrepreneur life has been a series of episodes where my eyes were opened to a greater reality. I can still remember when STORM collected its first payment back in 2005. My partner Pao and I gave a gaming company 2-weeks of access to our new online survey software for P5000. (which was completely, idiotically underpriced!)…


Thoughts on the 4-Hour Workweek

I bought Tim Ferriss's book years ago because the title reeled me in. (it was also a bestseller and I'm a sucker for bestsellers - amazingly, it's still topping the charts up to now) Really? 4 Hours of work? Sign me up now! It's a quick read which can be summarized in the acronym DEAL. Basically, it…


Juan Great Time on August 29!

Reminiscent of August 8, it was once again raining hard, traffic was bad, and some people were missing that crucial u-turn along commonwealth leading to the Technohub, but that did not stop around 200 people from turning the Ayala-sponsored Juan Great Leap Startup Event into a rousing success. Thank you. Thank you so much to the Ayala-TBI…


No Money? No Experience? No Problem!

After she graduated with her degree in Psychology in 2010, we hired Ofelia Linchangco in STORM to do HR analysis and consulting. What was pretty evident from the get-go was that she loved design-related work. She would always volunteer to do design work for STORM's marketing materials and would tinker with the website design. While she would…


Your Goals Should Be Dreams With Deadlines

Every start of the year, our corporate bosses talk to us and we are given our “annual targets.” These are quantitative or qualitative goals which we are instructed to focus all our attention on. It could be something like:             P12 million quota for someone in sales,             Reducing costs by 20%…

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