The Time Value of ACTION

The Time Value of Money: Definition: money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount in the future. So, simply put, we'd rather have money now than the same value in the future. The same thing holds true for action.  Let me posit an integrated theory then: The Time Value of Action:  Definition: action…


How 2 Powerful Words Can Help You Sidestep Fear

I remember years ago when I was congratulating my friend Jigger Galvez for the opening his BreadBag Pandesal store in Ortigas Home Depot. (which by the way, has awesome, original food - the roast beef pandesal is divine) He said something which made quite an impact on me. He said "Try lang." He was referring of course…


Insecurity Blanket: No, Your Job Isn’t Safe

As an "HR" guy, I frequently get my share of resumes of people who want to get "placed." A good number of these are people who want to explore other options because they've grown tired of the their current company. A smaller number of these would be from people who were PUSHED OUT of their jobs because…


The 4 most common excuses for not taking the startup leap

Here they are, in no particular order: EXCUSE NO. 1: PARANOIA Sounds like: "Huge risk! The LIVES of my kids are at stake!" Commentary: First, it's never ever as bad as you imagine it would be. Too often we fall victim to our wild imagination. Moreover,  you can always mitigate risk, through research and early customer feedback.…


The Destructive Power of “Not Yet”

Around three years ago, I had a coffee talk with an entrepreneurial fellow named Randy (not his real name, rhymes though). Randy was a mobile applications programmer working for a large telco. He was carefully explaining to me about his idea for a mobile application/mobile service which I thought was just super - first in the local…


The only shoe that will fit perfectly is yours

Each individual is unique. From our fingerprints, our view of the world, our biases, our histories - we are each truly unique. Our uniqueness extends to what exactly satisfies us at work. Some of us prefer sales, some research, some human resources, some supply chain management, some finance, some technology. Some of us prefer to work at…

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