Don’t Slip Into The Entrepreneur Entitlement Trap

It was one of my most painful learning experiences as an entrepreneur. Around 3 years ago I was invited to be an investor/co-founder in a mobile startup. We were four people. The resumes of my co-founders were dazzling - Ivy League degrees, corporate stalwarts, multiple successful ventures. I signed up immediately. I also proceeded to make the…

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On the New Storm Office, the Infamous Orange Chair, and Why You Can Do It!
Steel restaurant chair

On the New Storm Office, the Infamous Orange Chair, and Why You Can Do It!

STORM transferred to its newest office a few weeks ago. I love it! It's brightly lit, incredibly functional, spaceous, and comfortable to work in. There are no "manager" rooms. There are whiteboards and wallboards everywhere, and multiple spaces for different kinds of meetings. Pictures below! Looking closely, you would also see rather peculiar items in the office:…


Pitchcraft Postscript

I had a great time at the Pitchcraft Event last Saturday at AIM. With nearly 70 people, there was a lot of energy in the air. Most importantly, I saw there was a lot of learning happening. Just a quick summary of what happened, for those of you who missed it: First, Karen Hipol of Carillion Partners…


24 Hours Left Until Pitchcraft!

Pitchcraft is on for tomorrow, and I'm really excited for all the learning we'll be doing!  Last day to register! (You can also register during the event as well) Attendance is at around 70 people now. See you tomorrow!


Universities Represent!

I had an absolute blast early today with 6 awesome student leaders (sorry Angeli, you don't count anymore) talk about ideas on how to propagate the startup movement in campuses. Basically, the group introduced themselves to one another, ate doughnuts, and then the awesome brainstorming happened. There is one big plan the group is concocting (to be…


How To Assemble Your Startup Entourage

(the following is a guest post by multi-awarded entrepreneur Maoi Arroyo) As a junkie of all things startup, I’ve always loved shows like Bloomberg’s TechStars. Whichever season you watch, these entrepreneurship-themed reality shows try to select the best teams as opposed to the best ideas. As Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, famously said:  “The view that good…

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