Assemble Your Avengers! An interview with the best startup recruiter there is, Nick Fury

A JUAN GREAT LEAP EXCLUSIVE: An interview with General Nick Fury himself, credited with starting two very successful startups: SHIELD, where he now serves as Director, and more recently, The Avengers. Peter Cauton: Uhm, thank you very much, Director for allowing us an audience. The Juan Great Leap community is ecstatic for this opportunity to learn from…


Generate Startup Ideas Using Tourist’s Eyes

When we are travelling for the first time in a foreign location, time seems to slow down, and we get to absorb all the juicy details. There is no little thing which escapes us: how the air is different what clothes people are wearing how the food tastes how people greet one another how clean (or dirty)…

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STARTUP SALES TIP: Generic is geriatric, make it human instead

Everyday, we experience getting bombarded with "above the line" sales pitches: from TV, print and radio. This is mass market/media advertising: a singular ad which hopes to reach millions and convince thousands to buy. Large corporations spend billions on advertising to convince a small percentage of the reached audience to make a purchase. Of course, startups typically…

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Judo on Curveballs

Three days ago, I was feeling a wee bit nervous. I was set to undergo laparoscopic cholecystectomy - I needed to have my gall bladder removed. I was admitted to the hospital at around 8pm, with my pregnant wife accompanying me. My operation was set at 10am of the next day. When we got to my room,…


5 Secrets of SERIAL Entrepreneurship

Serial Entrepreneurship Definition: Running 2 or more startups at the same time. Some definitions involve creating startups in succession, but for the purposes of this discussion, let's limit the term to the simultaneous management of 2 or more startups.  A number of the startup founders I've been helping recently have told me that apart from the current…

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