34 Reasons Why Startups are F-U-N!

Okay, so for a number of posts now I've been talking about how difficult startups are, overcoming huge obstacles, the bootstrapped life, how sheer hard work is a requirement, etc... But you know what? Startups are just F-U-N. I've never been more engaged in my life, and now I'm really just addicted to the experience of STARTING.…


6 Startup Lessons We Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

I started writing this a few hours after Jeremy Lin hit a dramatic, buzzer-beating three pointer over Toronto's Jose Calderon to win the game for the New York Knicks. This latest episode caps off an incredible two weeks where Lin seemingly appeared out of nowhere in launching himself into worldwide public consciousness, averaging 27 points, 10 assists,…


Why you should build an ARMY of mentors

No startup is an island. Since independence is a pretty common entrepreneurial trait, going at it alone becomes a mistake that's easy to fall into for a lot of startup founders. This is a mistake. Listen carefully. Developing an honest-to-goodness startup is a difficult chore. Most startups still fail within 5 years of being founded. You need…


The Crucial Art Of Momentum Management, part deux

In the previous post, we talked about managing YOUR momentum in the startup process, about how we have to strike when the iron is hot and take advantage of our energy. But what happens now when you're now working with a team of either founders or employees? Things become a bit trickier because now the startup exists…


The Crucial Art of Momentum Management

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."  - Brutus (in the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare) This is a line from my favorite Shakespeare play, where Brutus urges his comrades to…

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