For the Young Entrepreneur: Do not Fear the Lingo, Get down with it! (Even more fun with wise friends!)

(Matt Lapid will be regularly posting original articles with me here on JGL, with the perspective of being brand-new entrepreneur. Heres his second article. As usual, please tell us what you think with the content we are pumping out for you. Gracias! - Peter) “So is it a B2B or B2C…Kasi pwedeng B2C…Pwede rin B2B, but you…


Startup Resources Galore From Steve Blank

Quick one. Just had to repost this. This is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to know about how modern entrepreneurship and startups work. Assembled by startup guru Steve Blank. Do enjoy reading it, learning from it, and most importantly, start building something out of it!


You HAVE To Get On The Internets

I've always worked in the technology sector. My first startup was a technology startup. Ironically though, it was only last November that I started blogging on Wordpress. It was only a few months ago that I got into Twitter. It was only this year that I became pretty active in Facebook. I'm now dabbling with MailChimp, thinking…


BOOK REVIEW: The $100 Startup – It’s Awesome

Can you really make a business out of your passion?  Can you do it by spending the least amount of money? Author Chris Guillebeau interviewed hundreds of "micropreneurs" who are making a very comfortable living pursuing their passions in order to find out the answer to these two questions. According to his book, The $100 Startup, the answer is…


If there is one book I’d recommend…

I've just finished re-reading Eric Ries's The Lean Startup. I cannot overemphasize how valuable this book is. Just knowing the concepts it made famous (the MVP, build-measure-learn cycle, etc....) isn't enough. You have to know how exactly the concepts work and work together.  If you are a startup founder, a would-be startup founder, or work for product…

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