Danny Moynihan’s Brilliant Open Coffee Moment

It was around 11:30 am. I just closed the main pitching activity at the recently-held JGL Open Coffee activity and told everyone to gather at the hallway of 47 East to take a quick group pic. And so we did. After that, I told everyone it was free time. You can probably imagine what happens next. Wondrous…


The Software Guru tells the Real Story: On Startups, Bankruptcy, and Attitude (Part 1 of the Joey Gurango Series)

I remember texting Peter right after my interview with Joey Gurango, which was just days before Startups Unplugged. In my text, I asked Peter about what he thought about posting an uncut version of Joey's interview on JGL. The reason for my suggestion was that after my interview with Joey, I was completely taken aback by the incredible…


The crucial art of finding business partners

I've written about this matter extensively in this blog - I can't over-emphasize how important finding the right partner is. In fact, I think I can say that for my case, this factor has been THE biggest factor determining a startup's success or failure. I recently wrote an article for homegrown.ph summarizing what I think are the…

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